In today’s busy world, who doesn’t know the importance of maintaining a good work/life balance?

While your work/life balance remains top of mind as you’re slaving away at work and home have you ever considered your Plant/Life Balance?

Improving your Plant/Life Balance can make you happier and healthier at work in many ways!

Did you know that one little plant on your home or office can help to improve air quality that will help you stay healthy? They also give off oxygen that will make you more alert and productive?

Did you know that plants generally make people feel happier and less stressed?

So, everyone should be growing plants both in their gardens and in their homes and office and we’ll all have a much better Plant/Life Balance, right?

Pretty much!

On March 2, 2011, we launched the Improve Your Plant/Life Balance campaign with the Put a Plant on Your Desk event, where we gave away 20,000 desk plants to help you to improve your Plant/Life Balance.

To start improving your plant/Life Balance click the Find your local Garden Centre button on the menu and enter your postcode to find a Garden Centre near you. Get a plant for your desk, home or garden.