The benefits of trees have been well researched. Trees…

Improve the air we breathe

Trees improve air quality by absorbing carbon dioxide and releasing oxygen. They also help to absorb odours and potentially harmful chemicals in the air. The impact of exhaust emissions is greatly reduced by trees.

Cool our environment

Trees absorb heat and sunlight and provide shade. A well-treed neighbourhood can negate the heat island effect of hard surfaces which increases temperatures by 3-7 degrees. It will also reduce energy bills for households from 15-35%.

Create enjoyable spaces for health and recreation

Trees and green spaces lead to more exercise and healthier people. Residents in neighbourhoods with excellent parks are shown to be healthier and need less medical treatment and healthcare.

Shade us from skin damage

Trees will shade us from the harmful effects of the sun, plus provide protection from light and moderate showers of rain.

Reduce stress

There is a calming influence in natural environments as well as an aesthetic value in trees. Participation in gardening and landscaping helps reduce stress.

Create safer walking environments

Street trees do create a natural barrier between cars and pedestrians, while parks and green spaces inspire people to unite to protect their natural assets, reducing community crime.

Make urban streets safer

Research has shown that in tree-lined streets traffic speeds are reduced and there is improved driver satisfaction.

Provide a connection to nature and the human senses

Urban trees not only provide all the benefits above but they are an integral part of the ecosystem, attracting birds and people to enjoy what they have to offer.